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Bài gửi by ADLINKS on Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:07 pm

Service Details Of Spa Pedicure

KIDS SPA PEDICURE----------------------------------------------$18

There's soccer, basketball, volleyball, and dance. Then again, maybe it's schoolwork, gymnastics, or just plain busy. She works hard, plays hard, and loves to be pampered!! We at Victoria Nails want to give girls a chance to take a break - a break from the everyday stresses of just being a girl!! We strive to bring the day spa experience to young girls across the triad and give them the time they deserve. We want to make they feel beautiful inside and out!! Our mission is to empower girls with a positive self image in a fun energetic environment. BIRTH DAY PARTY IS every girls dream!! We make sure the birthday girl and her friends are pampered from head to toe! Our birthday parties are filled with spa treatments, relax and enjoy her birthday with friends or family. Especially she will really love and excited with the cute designs

Contact Us
Our Information :
Phone : 256-270-9400 / 256-270-9420
Address : 2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr. Suite 160
City : Huntsville AL. 35802
Email : victorianails@knology.net
Website: http://victorianails.net

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Trung tướng

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